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good tidings.

i tore this page out in my december issue of oprah magazine because i wanted to remember to do this.  i love Q & A anything, and this fits the bill to get this blog headed head first in the holiday season.  i mean, if i can't put up the tree yet, might as well throw the candy canes in the air on the blog?

can i get a ho ho ho amen?

jessica dukes

my surefire way to beat the christmas blues is to...just come home and turn on the lights of the christmas tree, get some hot cocoa or coffee and be.  i love our home, it is peaceful and a true shelter from the crazy go, go, go of the every day.  

the best gift i've ever received is...hmmm, that would probably be my DSLR camera that brad got me when we were still friends.  not only was it way too nice of a gift, what was more special about it was the thought behind it.  he was giving me a gift and saying i believe in you all at the same time.  i keep it close to me at all times, and he is often my target.  my holly hobby kitchen might be a close second...

i learned the power of giving when...i was in mexico on a mission trip with my church as a teenager and saw how much the people around us really did need.  and anything we gave them, even as small as a piece of gum, was a true gift.  it doesn't take much to touch someones heart.

one of my favorite things in life is...can i do three?  sure i can, i make the rules here.  brad, peggy and my refillable starbucks app on my phone (that thing is awesome!)

now your turn.  wanna get all oprah on me, and do your own?  let me know if you do, i'd love to read it!

i am sorry that i cheated. i really am.

i really did.  it hasn't even been that long and i thought i could be faithful to the very end, but, i, in fact, cheated.  and it happened today.  well, yesterday to be exact, since you are just reading this today and this was written yesterday.  are you confused?  yeah, me too.  

back to me being a cheater.  it's a hard thing to admit, but i did it.  i promise it has only happened once, but it happened.  and i am sorry.

kinda.  not really.  a little guilt...maybe.
hope you haven't slammed your computer down and are still reading...because i am a cheater, yes.  a cheater on my DIET!  that is all.  

chill. out!

eleven days ago i started the 17 day diet, after a friend of a friend had some crazy results and i decided to give it a whirl.  i say that all casual like its just another day in the park and it's really not that bad.  i promise.  but i am kinda robotic once i make up my mind to do something.  and cheater i am not (except i am now).

in the past eleven days i have lost eleven pounds.  (that sounds all cool like i planned that...i did not.  i promise.  i would rather report twenty, trust me.  that would be cooler.)  i know, i know, i know, I KNOW.  if you loose it too fast, it just comes back, don't tell me that, i know.  i do.  trust me, its been my life's mission to try every "diet" in the history of the world.  

that and find a husband.  see how long it took me for the latter?  i give up.  wait, no i don't.  i just started.

here's the basics:  no complex carbs in the first 17 days, and no sugar after two o clock in the afternoon.  all your carbs come naturally from fruit and vegetables and sugars from the fruit you eat.  you can add truvia to coffee, greek yogurt and whatever you need as your sweetener.  

it is in four - 17 day cycles, thus the name.  i have decided, i am going to do cycle one twice and then move on to cycle two...sometimes i think i am a know it all.  i think this is what i need to do though for real.

and here's the kicker.  i am a terrible sleeper.  i don't sleep great and when i work out, my sleep patterns get worse.  its like a no win situation.  but since i started this "diet" (i hate that word) i have slept better than i can remember ever sleeping...and i am working out!  its really amazing and i have to attribute it to the "no sugar after two" policy.  i am amazed.

today, i had a cookie.  i do not know what happened, i looked and a vanilla oreo was in my hand and then it was in my mouth.  i am not responsible for my actions.  and i am sorry, but when i felt the flavor of real trash sugar in my mouth, i decided to savor every last crumb, since i plan on not being a repeat offender.

so this is the plan.  i will check back in after 17 days and give you the results for me.  i am really enjoying this though, i love having a plan that i can stick too..but am really getting tired off egg whites.  i might start putting green food coloring in them just to say "green eggs" for a few days just to mix things up.  i'm clever like that.
this will be what i look like after five cycles of this diet, i am confident.  and if i do, i am taking a picture just like this with the sweat and glistening perfectly tan.

if i look like that i will.  you better believe i will.  if kirstie ally can come on the oprah show in a bikini at 60, surely i can rock this look at thirty five.

hey, a grirl can dream.  (calm down brad...your wife is about to be too hot to trot!)  

questions about the diet, i would love to hear...advise?  shame on you for eating a cookie...i'll take that too.  but be nice, it was JUST a cookie.

sincerely yours - 
too hot to trot 
(what does that even mean?)
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